Choose the photos and design the message you want included in your ad. You can send us your ad already laid out, or a sketch of your ad and materials and we will do the lay out. Unfortunately materials/photos cannot be returned. We will try to follow your instructions as closely as possible, however, our editorial decisions are final!

Please DO NOT submit photocopied photos, they will NOT reproduce well. Digital photos can be submitted on a CD in high resolution in .jpg or .tiff formats (minimum resolution should be 300 dpi).

Any writing should be typed out in a word document, however we cannot accept .docx documents. 

You may also design your own ad in Adobe Photoshop. Please save your ad in a high resolution format. We can accept your ad as a pdf as well (this will guarantee your font choices will remain the same). If you are submitting a pre-designed digital ad, please provide a hard copy. Fonts are not guaranteed to be the same, and please be aware that the student's first and last name will be added to all ad layouts.

We also cannot print copyrighted materials (ex: college logos) in the book.

Ads & Senior Dedication Pages

Looking for a creative way to tell your son or daughter, "I love you and I'm proud of you"? Purchase a dedication page in the yearbook! Whether your son or daughter is a senior or underclassmen, a recognition ad is always a great idea. In the future, seeing your message will bring a smile as he or she remembers your love and support during these important years. We can even keep your ad a secret until the yearbook is distributed!

Students can also take out a dedication page to remember their special group of friends. Business advertisements are also gladly accepted.

Ad Sizes & Prices

Full Page:                        $275
(8.3” x 10.8”)

Half Page:                       $150
(8.3” x 5.3”)

Quarter Page:                  $100
(4” x 5.3”)

Eighth Page:                    $60
(4” x 2.5”)

Sixteenth Page:                $25
(4” x 1.2” or 2” x 2.5”)

Yearbook Patron:              $10
For $10 we will list your business or family name on a specially designed ad.

The deadline for payment and all ad materials for the 2015 yearbook is:

NOVEMBER 21, 2014

Any ads received after this deadline must submit a $15 late fee. After two weeks we will make every effort to place late ads in the book, however it cannot be guaranteed.


Materials & payment must be mailed to:  
Mrs. Jennifer Trettner, 
WMHS Yearbook 
380 Old Town Road 
Setauket, NY 11733 
EVERY ORDER MUST HAVE AN ORDER FORM ATTACHED. Checks can be made out to TVCSD, with "yearbook" in the memo line. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope so we may return a receipt to you.
Click Below to download the dedication Page order form (pdf) 

(this form must accompany all orders)



Contact our Yearbook Business Manager, Mrs. Jennifer Trettner: or 631-730-4399

Please be aware that we cannot accept any ad materials through e-mail.